New Clients

American Animal Hospital Association Accredited -

We are an American Animal Hospital Association accredited animal clinic, and are dedicated to providing the highest caliber veterinary services at all times.

We know that finding the best care for your pet is important to you. At Sand Lake Animal Clinic, we do our best to make the choice clear. By providing above the industry standard in both our treatments and facilities, we ensure that every pet is provided with the most comprehensive and compassionate pet health care possible.

Proudly serving pet owners from Bay Hill, Lake Buena Vista, Windermere, Dr. Philips, Tangelo Park and the Disney Area.

New Client Registration Form

1.) Owner Information

2.) Pet Information

Payment is Due at Time of Services

Payment methods accepted: Cash, Credit/Debit Card, Check (with proper identification.)

Authorization to perform services I, the undersigned owner or authorized agent of the above admitted patient(s), hereby authorize the doctors and staff of Sand Lake Animal Clinic to administer such treatment as is necessary and to perform procedures therapeutically and/or diagnostically. I further understand that no guarantee of successful treatment is made.

Payment for outpatient services is due the day they are rendered. If your pet is here for surgery, hospitalization, or boarding, a deposit may be required and the balance will be due when your pet goes home.

Financial Responsibility Agreement: I understand that I am responsible for all charges for the care of my pet(s) provided by Sand Lake Animal Clinic. Unpaid balances over 30 days are subject to a monthly 1.5% finance charge. I understand that if any unpaid balance is assigned to a third party collection agency for collection or placed with an attorney to obtain judgement or otherwise satisfy payment of my account, a collection fee of 33 1/3 % will be added to my account. I agree to pay that fee. I further agree to pay reasonable attorney fees, court cost, interest, late fees and the like. I understand and agree to the above terms.